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Love Patchwork & Quilting Magazine, Issue 8



Quiltessential by Erin Burke Harris

Various quilting and fabric related images used, credited Jessie Fincham.

sew and quilt shop press

Mollie Makes Issue 27

“We can’t resist this scrummy ‘Pam Kitty’ fabric collection any longer… the vintage pyrex display has tipped us over the edge.”

Molle Makes Magazine Issue 27

Love Patchwork 2012

 “Jessie showcases her latest fresh and inspiring patchwork projects, but also offers some handy step-by-step tutorials”.

Quilting Fabric Shop Sew and Quilt Press

 Sew Magazine December 2012

 “Attention all stitchers – brand new online emporium Sew and Quilt has officially launched! Offering a fantastic range of fabrics, including a selection of 1930s reproduction prints and vintage bundles, we’re spoilt for choice. Now the question is – what to pick first?”

Quilting fabric shop Sew and Quilt