Liberty Atlas Of Dreams

The Liberty Atlas of Dreams collection for Spring/Summer 2021 is born from the vision of a utopian paradise, offering a whirlwind trip across dazzlingly varied landscapes. Split into four sections – ‘Tropical’, ‘Meadow’, ‘Desert’ and ‘Coast’ – the collection moves seamlessly across microcosmic worlds, inspired by the transportive power of dreams and memories.

The 'Tropical' story is painterly and vivid, with brush strokes inspired by artists Henri Rousseau and Paul Gaugin. 'Meadow' is reminiscent of soft-hued oil paintings, featuring delicate florals alongside larger surreal-scaled blooms. 'Desert' have a road-tripping quality, created in chalks, pastels and pencil crayons. 'Coast' features vibrant prints, evoking summer memories and a selection of prints created in collaboration with the British Library.