American Swatch Book Cream Node Toss

£15.80 per metre

The American Swatch Book collection by Judie Rothermel was born out of a quilt-block exchange between quilting friends to create 4" x 5" rectangular quilt blocks, using blue, black, red and double pink. An exciting new quilt was made using these clever blocks, soon after a book was created for us to recreate the quilt blocks as well! Julie Rothermel was tasked with creating a new reproduction collection based on the 1800s fabrics used in the quilt. It features a beautiful selection of prints that work so coherently together.   

Fibre: 100% cotton

Width: 112cm / 44 inches

1 unit = 1/4 metre, 2 units = 1/2 metre, 3 units = 3/4 metre, 4 units = 1 metre




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