Clear Vinyl

Clear vinyl plastic for bag-making. Perfect for sewing patterns when making cosmetic bags, sewing bags, project bags, pencil cases and more! It's a great quality vinyl and a very thifty price! Works perfectly for our Jet-Set Sewing Station pattern.

Thickness is 200 micron. We would consider this 'medium duty'. It is not as thick as the specialist shield masks used in hospital IC units. 


You don't need a special sewing machine foot for this product, you can simply use 'washi tape' or masking tape if you don't have that. Place two strips along the plate of your sewing machine so the vinyl will glide though and avoid sticking.

Please note this product will arrive folded, you may want to give it a light press on a low setting - not directly under the iron, be sure to use layers of fabric between iron and the vinyl otherwise it will melt.

Please note that the largest single piece of vinyl we are able to cut currently is 2m (4 units). Any orders for more units than this will be cut in multiple pieces. However, if you specifically require a large order uncut, please email us at after placing your order and we can do this as a special request. 



1 unit = 1/2m, 2 unit = 1m etc

Width: 51-1/2" / 131cm


Please notify me when this product is back in stock.