English Paper Pieces 10" Chrysanthemum 10 Petal

10" Chrysanthemum plate, with 10 petals and centre circle. The centre circle is designed to be appliqued over the plate. To achieve this simply make a running stitch around the circle and pull the threads so the fabric gathers over the paper template, press a hot iron on the gathered side to keep the shape. Applique directly onto the centre of the chrysanthemum plate.

English Paper Piecing is a traditional quilting and patchwork method of hand-sewing shapes together using paper templates. The Dresden shape is a classic quilt design which is achieved with ease using paper templates. These packs of pre-cut shapes are proudly made in England the home of English Paper Piecing.

*Please note these particular shapes have been laser cut. This is a heat process, which creates a burnt edge to the paper. They will look different when stacked next to our regular die-cut shapes, however this will not impact their use.