Full Line Quilt Stencil Sashiko, Wineglasses

Full Line Stencils are unique in that they do not have breaks/bridges to fill in like traditional quilt stencils. They are designed to be transferred with a Pounce Pad.

To transfer the design simply swipe your Pounce Pad over the stencil. The design is visible by nylon mesh, this allows the complete line to be transferred. No more breaks and bridges that are found in traditional stencils. They are accurate, fast and easy to use. There has never been an easier way to mark your quilting or Sashiko patterns. Save yourself hours of tedious tracing and have the perfect stitch length and placement in seconds.

There is no right or wrong-side and designs can be transferred countless times. Stitch guide is also included to 'map your route' for the best use of continuous sewing. 

Size: design measures approx. 7" x 10" 


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