La Tarantella Quilt Acrylic Template Set

La Tarantella Acrylic template set. The pattern can be found in Willyne Hammerstein's 3rd book Millefiori Quilts 3. 

We have two sets available, the complete set of templates for the La Tarantella quilt which includes all 7 shapes or the 'add-on' template set which includes two of the shapes, (purchase this item if you already own the La Passacaglia acrylic template set (as the other shapes used in La Tarantella are also used in the La Passacaglia - no need to purchase twice). 

These work alongside our paper piece kits to make the quilt exactly the same size as the original from the book. Features include:

- 'Window-style' templates of each kite shape (which has the 3/8" seam allowance) and the solid template inner (which has no seam allowance). Perfect for fussy-cutting and accurate fabric cutting.

- Pinhole centre's for easy alignment.

- No text/motifs on the template centre's.

- Clear acrylic.