The Jane Austen Quilt Acrylic Template Set

Acrylic template set for the Jane Austen quilt by Sew & Quilt. Use our exclusive clear, acrylic template cutting templates to draw around your fabrics to ensure the perfect 3/8" seam allowance. Perfect for fussy-cutting, the clear material will enable you to see-through to find repeating fabric motifs and patterns.

5pc. set includes; 3" 5-point diamond, 3” x 1” parallelogram, 1” 5-point diamond, 1” 'half-length' 5-point diamond and 1” 'half-width' 5-point diamond.

Please note the set does not include the 3" (half-length) and (half-width) 5-point diamonds, we decided to omit these. Instead you can use your full-size 3" 5-point diamond template to draw around half of the shape.