Tulip Hiroshima Sashiko Needles (Long) Assorted

The Tulip Hiroshima Sashiko Needles feature a sharp point and straight body from its needle eye; which bulges slightly at the eye to accommodate cotton Sashiko threads. The long needle body allows you to weave several stitches before the final pull through. The assorted 'long' styles, are the longest of the Sashiko range, useful for stitching straight-line designs, two with regular needle eye's and one with a long, oval shaped eye for different thread weights. Needles are made of steel, Nickel-plated with a Gold-plated eye.


Tulip Hiroshima hand sewing needles are of the finest quality, made to exacting standards which include more than 30 different manufacturing processes to ensure each needle is safe and finished to supreme excellence. Tulip produce high-quality needles by blending traditional techniques passed down from generations with cutting-edge technologies. Needles feature a strong and smooth polished body made of steel which glide through fabrics easily, with a beautifully made needle eye that prevents snagging and facilitates easier threading.

Package contains; (x6) Sashiko Needles Assorted (Long) / three sizes 1.02 x 66.7mm (6.8cm long) / 0.97 x 44.5mm (4.5cm long) / 0.84 x 51.5mm (5.2cm long)


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