Tulip Hiroshima Sewing Needles, Assorted

Tulip Hiroshima sewing and quilting needles are of the finest quality and made to exacting standards which include more than 30 different manufacturing processes to ensure each needle is safe and finished to supreme excellence. Tulip have been making needles in Hiroshima Japan since 1948 and aim to provide high-quality needles by blending traditional techniques passed down from generations and cutting-edge technologies available today.   Main features are a strong and durable body with just the right amount of flexibility which are resistant to bending or breaking. Polished needles allows for smooth piecing and glides through fabric with ease. Elegantly packaged in a corked vial inside a coloured box.  

Package contains 8pcs Sewing Needles, assorted sizes: #7 0.69mm x 39.7mm   2pcs. #8 0.61mm x 36.5mm   3pcs. #9 0.53mm x 33.3mm   3pcs.