York Plains 2019 Block Of The Month Club

'York Plains' quilt designed by Deirde Bond-Abel. A NEW 9-Month, Block Of The Month programme for Sew and Quilt. £21.25 /Month + Postage


What is a Block Of The Month (BOM)?

Once you sign-up below for the 2019 York Plains BOM, you will be joining our programme starting in April - December 2019. Each month we send you a special box containing all the fabrics required to make the quilt top. It will feel like you are opening up a lovely gift just for you!


How much is the BOM club? 

For all UK and EU residents the price is £21.25/month + Postage, for 9 months. For International and European (outside EU zone) the price is £17.00/month (price excludes VAT) + Postage, for 9 months. 


Tell me more about the quilt and what's included in my monthly BOM kit?

The quilt measures 56-1/2" square. Your special pink box will include all the necessary fabrics and delicious wools for you to make up your own York Plains quilt top and a printed fabric guide as to how the fabrics will be put to use. We will break the quilt down into sections so you complete 2 sections every month which will vary between applique blocks and pieced basket blocks. We will be using an array of scrumptious 100% wool fabrics that we will pre-felt for you so you are ready to go! Alongside a lovely selection of quilting cottons, curated and chosen carefully especially for this quilt to echo Deirdre warming colour palette and style. Technique's will include wool applique and regular machine piecing for the blocks and piecing the top together. We will be including sizes of fabric for you to work on your blocks using the methods mentioned. Extra will not be provided if you are using a different technique.

The BOM club assumes an understanding of basic applique and machine piecing, however there are lots of books on the topic with excellent photos and how-to's if you're just getting started and want to get up to speed in time for March. If you're new to wool applique (like me!) wool is an easier medium to work with than traditional needle-turn applique as there is no turning under to do! 


What is wool appliqué?

Wool appliqué gives a lovely homespun look to projects and can be used in place of cotton to give charming results to smaller projects and larger quilt designs. If you haven't tried wool applique before you'll be surprised how fun and simple it is to achieve. Wool does not fray so there is no need to add a seam allowance or turn under th edge of the appliquéd shapes. Use a simple hand-stitch or blanket stitch around each shape to sew into place. No need to worry about bias stems either, wool and bend to the curved strips you need them to.

It is important to note we will be using 100% felted wool (woven textile), not wool felt (non-woven textile). They are often interchangeably used but are different.  Wool felt is a strong, durable medium ideal for soft toys etc. We will be using felted wool. We will be pre-felting the wool for you (often you buy it in the shop un-felted and then you have to do this process at home which shrinks it so you have to account for that). This will then give our wool a delicate soft and fluffy texture which should be lovely to work with.


How do I get the quilt pattern and is it included in my kit?

The pattern is not included in the monthly price. The pattern is only featured in Deidre's book Hat Creek Quilts by Quiltmania. Please add the book to your option when signing up below (alternatively if you already own the book you can select that option). The book will be included in your first months kit with no additional postage charge to UK customers to save you on postage. The book includes includes the pattern with full-size templates, along with 16 other lovely projects for you to make - so it's great value for money. International customers will be charged any additional postage costs, to be confirmed before billing in April. 


How much is postage? 

We charge the actual shipping rates + a small charge to cover packaging to make it as cost effective for you as possible. We use Royal Mail, the size of box is classed as a 'large letter' and should fit through modern standard letterboxes. Shipping rates as follows. 

UK: £2.75 

EUROPE (EU Member States): £6.50 Airmail, Not Trackable OR £10.50 Tracked/Signed *please email me after checkout with your preference

EUROPE (NON-EU Member States): £8.75 Tracked/Signed 

REST OF WORLD: £10.25 Tracked/Signed


Can you add/change items in my BOM kit? 

Unfortunately we can't. Please make a separate order if you wish to order other items from our shop. We cannot tailor the kits to your preference.


When will I receive my BOM kit?

Your monthly kit will aim to be dispatched 4 working days after the payment date. Delivery times will vary depending on location. Your first kit will be dispatched within 4 working days of the 5th April 2019.


How and when will payment be taken? 

We are planning to charge your card on the 5th of each month (if this falls on a weekend we will take the payment on the Friday). Your credit/debit card details are not kept on file (we do not see your card details, you enter them on the secure payment page via our payment provider). Your first payment is planned to be debited on the 5th April 2019. The £1 sign-up fee is non-refundable, it is an enrolment fee. PLEASE CHECKOUT WITH CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD, NOT A PAYPAL ACCOUNT.  If you incorrectly sign-up using a PayPal account, you will be asked to re-register and your place on the club will not be confirmed until corrected.


Can I gift an annual subscription? 

Absolutely! Just be sure to enter your own billing details and a different delivery name and address for the recipient.   


Can I pay upfront in one payment? 

Yes. We have a number of requests for this payment option and we would be happy to do so. Please email me: info@sewandquilt.co.uk to confirm in writing you would like us to take the payment in full.  Your card will be debited the full amount on the first payment date as detailed above. 


Do I need any other items to make the quilt?

You will need a basic sewing kit, Freezer Paper and we have a matching 28WT Aurifil York Plains thread set, with 15% off - it's a must have.



1. Do NOT checkout using PayPal. You will kindly be asked to re-register with your credit/debit card via the website again. 

2. By signing up to the BOM club you agree to take part in the 9-month program, which runs from February - October 2019 and is non-cancelable under any circumstances, if you are unsure about the financial commitment please do not sign-up. We are a small business, fabric orders are based upon subscription numbers and we cannot re-sell your space mid-way through the program. 

3. Please enter a contact telephone number at the checkout.

4. Please make a separate order if you wish to purchase other items online. 

5. Be sure to select the 'Free shipping' option at checkout so you will not be charged postage for signing up today.

6. Note you will receive an email 'Order Is On It's Way' at some point after checkout. This email is not related to BOM club sign-ups, please follow the dates above for delivery guidance. If you are signing up late, you will be sent in the next months delivery run or we will contact you sooner if your kits are ready.


SIGN-UP FEE = £1.00